I was co-artistic director & performer with this London based performance troop. We were a collective of actors, dancers & designers all with a common love of the grotesque & profoundly outrageous.

The group was hired to host Copenhagen Burlesque at Det Ny Theater, a 400-guest party, to encourage a playful, participatory & performative environment by turning typical conventions of burlesque on it's head.      

We were commissioned to perform an original piece entitled 'Liberation" at the Whitechapel Gallery where we explored with the audience the ideas that this word conjured up. 

Among other notable performances was PSYCHEDELICA, an art auction at London's Institute for Contemporary Art on March 2011. In collaboration with Jonny Woo & Carly Hague, the collective performed in reaction to the gallery environment, the guests & their expectations for this high brow event. Guests were greeted by entirely painted half-naked women bouncing on space hoppers. The rest of the evening was a dialog between the gallery's benefactors & the bizarre presence of Quatum Bunkum. For a night, colourful & strange intruders cracked the reality of the white walled gallery.