LITTLE MURDERS written by Jules Feiffer, directed by Robin Wilson

JULES FEIFFER'S ''Little Murders'' is the darkest and perhaps the funniest comedy ever written about what it was like to be alive and half-crazed in the urban American jungle of the late 1960's. The play postulates a New York whose daily plagues range from noise and air pollution, power blackouts and obscene phone calls to violent struggles between random snipers and proto-fascist cops. Unfortunately for the prophetic Mr. Feiffer, this work had its Broadway premiere in 1967, a year too early. ''Little Murders'' expired after a single week, only to be ''rediscovered'' two years later by theatre goers (and Hollywood) in a hit Off Broadway revival. While the second staging was superior to the first, the improvement wasn't that marked. What really made the difference between 1967 and 1969 was 1968's new round of nationally televised murders, little and otherwise: assassinations, ghetto conflagrations, the Chicago police in blazing riot.

This production of "Little Murders" in association with New Celt Production was staged in Edinburgh, Scotland, in 2014. I play Reverend Dupas and Judge Stern, the only actor doubling up as two different characters.