I am an actor, director, writer and workshop facilitator.

I have trained in the areas of physical theatre, clown and bouffon at the prestidgious Parisian schools; L’ecole international de Theatre Jacques Lecoq and L’ecole phillipe gaulier.

As an actor I enjoy playing ‘true’ characters as well as larger than life comedy personas. I like to use comedy as a vehicle to engage and communicate with my audience. I believe that comedy is an affective and permissive tool to engage people openly with the complexities, absurdities and atrocities of life as a means to transform and educate.

In my theatre work, I devise performances by combining my own observations, popular culture references, autobiographies, verbatim text from history, autobiographies, and interviews.

The material is developed through a combination of movement, improvisation, experimentations and exploration of the space both alone and in collaboration with other artists.

I frequently work in partnership with sound designer Jessica Aslan (jessicaaslan.com) using sample sound bites and original sound design to create complex soundscapes to accompany the action on stage.

My theatre is strongly influenced by work with disability. I have worked as a care worker for individuals with cognitive, social and physical challenges for over a decade. My research and experience working with people with Autism has been a particular inspiration which lead to the making of the theatre play 'Spectrum' in 2014.